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Our online service will attempt to obtain as little of your personal information as necessary, and no information will be passed on to commercial partners. In order to be transparent in our collection of information, we will provide a report on this web page to let you know what we track or collect.

Data Collection Transparency

Data usage / ad tracker

We use ad tracker on our website to offer the products and services of Sinthanee and its affiliates* projects only. The data will be collected immediately when you visit our website. There will be data collection by these services:

Detailed policy you should acknowledge

Privacy Policy

Sinthanee Property Company Limited (“the Company”) attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of our customers' personal information. The Company collects customer information for the benefit of the customer only in relation to the products sold by the Company and the provision of services as authorized by the customer. The use of such personal information will be applied for the specific purpose that has been defined. In addition, the company has no policy to provide information to third parties without the customer's acknowledgement.

Privacy Policy and Terms.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy” or “Privacy Policy”) shall be applied to the Company website, online platform, offline communication service or after-sales service including notifying information public relations, marketing activities, presenting benefits to customers, various product presentations including activities or news of companies in the Sinthanee group Ltd. or business alliances that exist today or may arise in the future which are products related with the products currently sold with the following details:

1. Information collected by the company.

1.1 Personal information* of the Company's customers which consists of

  • Personal data such as name, surname, age, identification card number and information on the identity card and/or passport number, etc.

  • Contact information such as address, telephone number, E-mail, social media contact information, etc.

  • Financial information such as income range.

1.2 Any information about the product.

1.3 Public information or information obtained by the Company by trade.

1.4 Other information.

In some cases, the Company may collect sensitive information including gender, photograph, for which the Company will only obtain your express consent, unless the law allows such data collection without consent.

* means personal data prescribed in the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (Section 4)

2. Use and Disclosure of information.

The Company may use personal information of customers under the following purposes:

2.1 For purchase transaction.

2.2 For after sales service.

2.3 To answer inquiries and provide customer support.

2.4 To perform confirmation or check the person before serving customers.

2.5 To present press releases, benefits and other offers including news of affiliated companies through direct communication which is operated by the Company or a person assigned by the Company or other persons assigned by the Company to be the operator only in case that the customer gives consent.

2.6 To present advertisements, offers, promotions and conditions adjusted to your interests on the Company's website, third party website, social media website or online platforms.

2.7 To present advertisements, offers, promotions and conditions adjusted to your interests on the Company's website, third party website, social media website or online platforms.

2.8 To analyze and develop product and services of the Company to be consistent and matched with the needs of customers as much as possible.

2.9 To survey the opinions and satisfaction of customers about the Company's products and services as well as to conduct behavioral surveys to lead to the development of the quality of products and other related services, etc.

2.10 To organize marketing activities, promotional activities, playing games for prizes including raffles and redemption of other benefits or other promotions under the customer's consent.

2.11 To use the customer's photos on the Company's electronic media.

2.12 Compliance with the law and legal process.

2.13 For the protection of rights, property and safety of the company or related affiliates and/or other business partners that aimed to enable the Company or related organizations to take action on solving problems and provide related services more conveniently and quickly.

The Company collects or uses the data of customers specified in both 'Visit Project Questionnaire' and/ or 'Purchase Contract' as a contact place for informing, public relations and/ or marketing the products of both affiliated companies and business partners or from other information service channels, therefore, the customers will receive the most benefits from the Company.

The Company will use the legal basis for processing personal data for the purposes described above. By processing this customer's personal data, the Company will operate with regard to…

  • Compliance with the contracts and services related to the products in order to provide highest satisfaction.

  • For the benefit of the company's business such as to improve the experience of using the Company's products and service. This includes communications on the Company's website, third party website, social media website, or online platforms.

  • To comply with the law and legal process.

  • Customer's consent to use their personal information to deliver marketing communications and publicity. However, only if the customer has given consent to the company that you can abrogate that consent by following the cancellation procedure outlined in the communication or contact through various channels listed on the.

The Company collects, uses, discloses, exchanges, transmits and/or transfers the customer's personal data and any other information related to the customer to third parties whether it is a juristic person or a natural person. The third parties specified as followings.

  • Affiliates.

  • Business partner which may have the status of a legal entity or a natural person that the Company has transacted with to operate in accordance with the provision of services to customers.

  • External service provider, service provider representative, subcontractor which may have the status of a legal entity or a natural person that the Company considers to be a person who has the right qualifications to provide services to the Company's customers.

  • Legal government agency.

  • Other partner companies.

  • Any other person as prescribed by law.

  • Any other person with the consent of the customer who owns the data.

3. Data analysis and use of cookies.

Data analysis The Company may collect personal information from customers. This includes, but is not limited to, information obtained or related to Customer's online activities on the Website and on any other device connected to and accessed by the customers. For this purpose, we may use technology or analytic tools from cookies or third party services for the benefit of product.

Cookies are small files that are used to store information on your computer, tablet or other electronic device to collect information about your visits and to check how often you visit the website in order to improve better information and services providing, and also facilitates the customers that their credentials have not to be filled every time they log in.

You can customize your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies or notifying when cookies are sent. However, disabling cookies may affect your use of all or some of those services. In addition, the Company may use Flash Cookie technology which may prevent the Customer from changing their settings.

4. Period of Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information.

The Company does not have a policy to keep the customer's personal information longer than is necessary for the purpose of collecting that information. In such a case, information may be destroyed or deleted from the Company's systems when the Company determines that it is not necessary to keep, use or disclose it, or upon the Customer's request by appropriate procedure. In order to ensure that information about customers is processed and stored, the Company will operate in accordance with the following principles.

4.1 Use the information for necessary period to provide services.

4.2 Comply with any law, contract or legal obligation.

4.3 Customer data will be stored for a period of not more than 10 years from the date the customer has entered the questionnaire with the company and/or transacting with the Company and/or make a consent to buy and sell the offered products for the purpose of processing that information or for statistical purposes. However, such information will be under proper protection.

5. Customer rights.

You may refuse to provide certain types of information to the Company, or may withdraw consent to allow the Company to collect use or disclose your personal information.

  • Basic Customer Rights Regarding Personal Data Privacy.

  • Right to access personal data.

  • Right to temporarily suspend the use of personal data.

  • Right to delete personal data.

  • Right to transfer personal data.

  • Right to object to the collection, use and disclosure of personal data.

6. Date of Effectiveness of the Privacy Policy and Revisions.

It is effective from 1st June 2022 onwards.

This Privacy Policy applies has been effective to all products and services of Sinthanee Property Company Limited and its affiliates, including but not limited to the products sold by the Company, after sales service, maintenance service, credit service, online services, websites, applications, services, contests, surveys, market surveys, redemptions and any privileges. promotion, product and service warranty registration, and any other services of the Company referred to or linked to this policy.

In this regard, this Privacy Policy may be updated and amended from time to time. This is to comply with changes in personal information practices regarding our products and services, or to comply with relevant legal practices. When the policy is updated , the Company will notify the customer by an announcement on the Company's website. The customer can check the current version here: :

7. Contact Us.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to exercise your rights as stated in the Section 5 of this Policy, you can contact the Company at the following address.

Attn: Personal Data Protection Department.

Address: Sinthanee Property Co., Ltd.

Adress: 289, Rob Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province, 57000.

Tel: 087-190-1177


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