Sinthanee Property
We have developed properties for Chaing Rai people
for more than 35 years

About Sinthanee Property

Sinthanee house project was founded in 1988 (B.E. 2531) by Mr.Teerasak Laohawee that has been operated the business of land development and housing construction which focused on construction management in order to obtain houses which are truly homes and also emphasized on continuous development.

Beginning from Sinthanee House Project 1 to Sinthanee House Project 12 (Sinthanee Avenue) at the present which has been widely accepted in the real estate business for over 30 years

Mr. Darunee Laohawee

(Managing Director Sinthanee Property)

Mr. Darunee Laohawee

(Managing Director Sinthanee Property)

The company upholds honesty as its heart aiming to develop to be a leading real estate business organization in Chiang Rai as well as attaching great importance to quality standards coupled with continuous development. We have expert teams with lots of valuable experiences in order to provide quality works with standards, fair prices, creative society and envoronmental responsibility. Moreover, we also take into account of life quality of the project members.

Vision of Sinthanee Property


is our home.

Proactive development towards leadership
in real estate business with excellence
in building quality homes distinguished by modern architecture,
surrounded with nice environmentand increasing of life quality
for those who come to live with us "Sinthanee Houses"

Our Mission



All Materials
which used in construction

a part of brands we select to use*

outstanding, modern, practical

Take care of you like a family member together with safety, green area and living society

| Security standards for the residents

| Special common area for the resident members including with fitness and pool, etc.

Professional teams provided care for over 30 years of experience

Well-known after sale service quality !

Look back on
our past success projects

Sinthanee 1 Project

Year 1989

The first house project was launched in Chiang Rai located near Sinthanee Complex and the first branch of Big-C in Rob Wiang Subdistrict that Mr. Teerasak Laohawee would like to develop quality living area for Chiang Rai residents.

Sinthanee 2 Project

Year 1991

Built on further success from the first project by developing Sinthanee 2 (Tha Sai) Project.

Sinthanee 3, 4 Project

Year 1993

Began to develop Sinthanee 3 Project (Tha Sai) and Sinthanee 4 Project (Rob-Wiang) in order to respond to the expansion of Chiang Rai City.

Sinthanee 5 Project

Year 1995

Expanded project to new economic area near the city, and launched new project called Sinthanee 5 Country Village Project, Ban Du.

Sinthanee Country Village 7

Year 2004

Adjusted strategies fo new economic era with new concept project Sinthanee 7 Mountain View, Ban Du with the concept of a house in harmony with nature and mountain atmosphere.

Sinthanee Cityhome 8

Year 2008

Launched new project under the concept 'Because life must be next to the city with Sinthanee 8 Project, Rob-Wiang'

Sinthanee Premium 9 and The New Town 10

Year 2011

Entered into a year of major transformation with the new corporate image adjustment to match with the era together with changing the new logo to be more modern. Also, the new project that was beyond all superior and luxurious lifestyle 'Sinthanee 9 Premium Project' was launched with luxury home designs combined with new innovations. It was the first single house project in Chiang Rai with underground cable system throughout the project (Wire Ground) in order to increase green area and replace electric poles with big trees instead. According to saving the world trend that we have to save energy, In the house system that needs hot water, a solar panel was installed as a power source for the hot water heater in the house resulted to more energy-saving. Therefore, the Sinthanee 9 Premium project was famous and also used as an example for many projects in Chiang Rai.

Furthermore, in order to respond to the continuous expansion of Chiang Rai, we never stop developing house projects with the best standards with Sinthanee 10 the New Town, Rim Kok.

Sinthanee Quality Life 11

Year 2015

Launched Sinthanee 11 Quality Life, Rim Kok with the concept Balancing life both work & family and respond to all lifestyles

Sinthanee Avenue 12

Year 2017 to Present

Began to develop and plan new projects in the new economic development zone connected to Mae Fah Luang Airport (Chaing Rai Airport) by developing the utility system to support future projects.

Began to build new project next to Bypass-East Side Road.

Launched new project 'Sinthanee Avenue 12 Bypass-East side with the concept of Quality Society Project in the Heart of Chiang Rai' on 9th August 2021

Launched new phase in 2022with new nordic style house (House Style SA7). New house concept together with modern/ lifestyle concept with understanding of new generation lifestyle, for example, using downstair bedroom for parents with seamless floor to reduce accidents - tripping, and every bedroom has large panoramic windows that let in natural light every day with DOUBLE SPACE high hall that makes the house look more airy.

Launching a new home design to welcome the year 2023 with a specially renovated house model “SA1 2nd generation” designed under the concept of luxury urban living “full aesthetics of living” with a large house size of 220 sq m. . that supports the living of large families

Simultaneously at the beginning of the year Sinthanee 11 Quality Life project has sold out all units. Thank you for all the feedback received from every customer.