About The Project

History of Sinthanee

Mr. Teerasak Laohawee founded Sinthanee Property in 1989 A.D. and run a business of land development and house project. We aim on construction management to build house to be your home and keeping develop continually.

We started from Project 1 to Project 14 (Sinthanee Avenue). We have been well-known in Real Estate Business for 30 years.

We adhere on integrity to develop the real estate to the leading level in Chiangrai along with emphasizing on the high standard and keep improving. We have professional and experienced teams working. Fair price, constructive society, responsible to an environment, and regard to the quality of life of the residences.


We proactively developed to be the leader in real estate business along with the excellence on construction with the quality of houses, architect standing out, surrounded by the nature, and give more quality of life for the residences.

Our Missions

  1. Build standard houses with the good standard materials
  2. Unique design, modern, and satisfy the residences requirements.
  3. Emphasize on the quality of life of the residences in social, safety, shady environment, and meet the need of family’s activities.
  4. Provide professional and experienced staffs and workers to achieve the most efficiency.
  5. Provide the after-sales service to meet the satisfaction of the residences.